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3D Artist & Aspiring Producer

My name is Thomas Spinelli, a 2021 Game Design graduate of Fitchburg State University. Video games have been an interest of mine from a young age which ultimately led me to choose Game Design as an area of study. 


I have a passion for 3D art and team leadership through production. Although you cannot entirely produce on projects in a college setting I found myself working on 3D models, texturing, animating, and working on VFX alongside the team leadership role. I naturally take charge of the projects I am involved in with a passion for creating the best games possible with the short time we had during the semesters. I strive to improve myself when leading a team and have learned to properly narrow down the scope of each project through trial and error. I am naturally organized and have utilized SCRUM software like Jira for optimal project management and readiness. 

When I'm not creating you'll find me out adventuring, going on hikes, exploring, and going on long drives. 

Thank you for getting in contact.

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