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Midnight Snack

A 6 person summer group project made in Unity 

This is a prototype game made over the summer of 2020. You play as a child whose goal is to get a midnight snack. There's a catch however, a babysitter will catch you if you sneak out of your room. Use stealth mechanics like crouching, distractions with lights, and hide in closets to avoid the babysitter. Your goal is to get to the kitchen and retrieve a snack, bringing it back to your room without being detected. 


There would have been multiple levels with architectural style changes like contemporary, coastal, and rustic. Those styles would also bring different babysitters like an old man, teenager, and parent. These other characters would act in different ways, thus changing your gameplay approaches per level. 

Project Contributions​

  • Producer

  • 3D Artist

  • Level Designer

  • Game Designer

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